Welcome to IPCRI for flexible and short term loans

We offer customers the opportunity to borrow an amount they wish in a quick and fuss free manner. It is our aim to provide you with a product and service which can meet your short term borrowing needs. We understand that sometimes in life there is an immediate need to borrow a small amount of money. That is why we offer you the opportunity to submit an application online, whenever you wish to do so. Our application form is simple and straight forward and should take you no longer than about 15 minutes to complete. It is our goal to gather all the information we need at the point of you completing the application, in order to deliver a lending decision in a timely manner. Our loan and the application process for it, has been designed by our team of industry experienced individuals which makes has able to offer something we believe can truly offer what you need.


The product itself does not come with any form of additional fees, which means when you apply, you can do so knowing the outcome will not come with a charge. Many direct lenders still charge fees for applying but we do not share this belief and instead can apply you to apply and regardless of whether you are successful or not, will not charge you a fee for doing so. The product itself is flexible in that you can apply for the amount you need. Our Underwriters will review this amount and make a decision based on all the information they have available. We would always recommend that you never apply for an amount greater than the amount needed to cover your short term expense. This means borrowing exactly what is needed. Whether the car breaks, or the washing machine needs replacing, we ask that you be sensible in the amount you truly need to cover your cost.

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Our application form can be accessed via a laptop, tablet or mobile and therefore means you can submit your application at a time which is suitable to you. If you choose to apply outside of working hours, don’t worry, our Underwriters will be sure to review your application as a matter of priority the minute they return the following working day. If you have any questions regarding our product or the service we offer, why not make contact with a member of our friendly and helpful team.